MySpace, Facebook Move Lots of Display Ads, Not So Much Money

Apparently no one clicks on display ads on social networks anyway. That probably explains the sharp dropoff after MS and FB. And FB is aiming high since their lowest meaningful entry-level ad package costs $50K.

It’s just that social networks number 3 and beyond get about 2% of the total traffic of FB+MS combined. And display ads are bought against volume, not relevance. Plus I bet the CTR on is way higher than FB.

So do we or don't we place ads on these things?


  1. Craig - I think we don't buy display ads on FaceBook, or anywhere else for that matter. 86% of the Internet audience do not interact (or perhaps even notice) with display ads. So in terms of a media buy, how do you defend it? The next evolution of rich media ads serving technology that tracks what you've read (and what you're saying!) and knows enough to serve you something relevant, well maybe that's what advertisers will buy. FaceBook more than any other publishing platform needs to acquire or develop technology that politely inserts relevant "help" within conversation threads in a way that's not spammy or invades privacy. I didn't say it would be easy.


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