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Yes, there are calls to kill the news feed. Because we all we see are random, garbagy stories that annoy us, make no sense, seem irrelevant, and insult us, according to Om Malik:
Every afternoon, during lunch, I open up YouTube, and I find myself marveling at the sheer dumbness of its recommendations. Despite having all this viewing data of mine, world’s second most popular search engine is dumb as a brick. It shows me propaganda channels from two ends of the political spectrum. It surfaces some inane celebrity videos. It dredges up the worst material for me — considering I usually like watch science videos, long conversations and interviews, and photography-focused educational videos. YouTube, assumes that like its billion-plus audience I might be pleased with the lowest common denominator. Om makes it sound like YouTube and by association Google are mindless human-cataloged search engines of the 1990s. Dumb nitwits unworthy of Om's seemingly far higher-brow web history, serving u…

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