Use Taxihack on your way home tonight

The NYC Econ Dev Office held a contest to back the best city-based “apps” that make use of open APIs local gov. has made available to developers, and announced the winners a few days ago:


My favorite of the four winners is Taxihack, which uses open Taxi Commission data to associate Yelp-style comments to each driver medallion. The “app” is actually neither an app nor an m-site, but a smartphone optimized web site that posts user comments in real time and stores them in a searchable db.  “Comment Live on NYC Taxis” via email or Twitter to benefit other readers, OR search on your taxi’s medallion to get the driver’s history, experience and vehicle, e.g.:



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  • Kikikiss_normal

TwittsMcGee @taxihack 4N94 best cab ever! He just picked me up in a blizzard and let me ask some freezing old dude if he wanted to share taxis with me.

about 3 hours ago about Taxi 4N94



Big Apple Ed looks like a me-too effort. is much better.


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