Where in the World is Mobile Web Usage Highest?



Royal Pingdom released this study of global benchmarks for mobile web usage as a percent of total web usage by region.  Worldwide mobile users currently make up about 3.8% of all visitors to web sites. The finding that Asia and Africa exceed rest of world for this benchmark by 2x or more is completely in line with our own global research conducted with MoneyGram this Oct, which identified a similar mobile leapfrog happening in these two regions to about the same extent. Of course that’s a function of these regions having far fewer PC-based surfers in these areas, but the fact that a cheap Nokia unit with a basic browser can get someone online who otherwise couldn’t afford a PC w dial-up can’t be ignored.


Other US client sites we track seem to get 2-3% of web visits from mobile OSs, and generally iOS is #1 (iPhone and iPod), Android is 2nd and RIM is 3rd.





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