Goshido raises first-round financing in just 8 days … entirely via LinkedIn

Irish cloud-based productivity tool Goshido raised its first-round financing in just 8 days … entirely via LinkedIn.  They sent out 700 invites to contacts and contacts of contacts, trying to find ten investors and 250K, and they actually raised €162,500.  If you have a decent product, you could go the traditional VC route, or use LI instead: tap your contacts and call in some "social equity." This may become the expected track for funding needs under $1MM.


Coverage on Business Insider: http://bit.ly/85fhC1


·         A nice shot in the arm for LinkedIn, of which rumors of demise are greatly exaggerated.  Talk about a truly differentiated product – no spam, very little junk, great security, no privacy issues … a valuable experience because your professional reputation is on the line with every post. And now this.


·         Goshido, a "project guidance system" aimed at managing media, games and software projects, is in private beta with open requests avail. on their home page. Might be worth checking out this or similar.


Speaking of, anyone want to get in to my new venture? See me on LinkedIn.




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