A Planner finally arrives on Mad Men

Any MadMen fans out there? Well, now its season four set in 1965, and in yet another nod to historical accuracy, they’ve added a Planner to the cast!  


Dr. Faye conducts a focus group each episode and hits each one out of the park. Makes her subjects cry. Gathers intense cultural and consumer truths. Shatters myths around client challenges.


And each time she pro-offers her big idea, Don Draper snorts, “I can’t use that.”  But he’s on such a downward spiral that there’s a good chance Dr. Faye is going to not only stand up to Don, but kick him in the ass and help him get back on his feet. What every good planner should do for her creative team. Of course, if Don has his way that reinvention will include some drunken sex. But I don’t see her giving in.


Played by Cara Buono, she’s what all of us modern day planners evolved into.


EW posted a nice interview and this pic of her: http://popwatch.ew.com/2010/08/16/mad-men-cara-buno-faye-miller-interview/




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