How-to Apple Guides

iPad running Houzz, a home design app that lets you purchase right from the spread.

Apple is still promoting the virtues of the iPad, running takeovers on this morning, on a holiday weekend when armchair home designers might have an extra eight hours to consider a major redecorating project, but don't know where to start. 

Fire up the iPad, and let the landing page take you through the basics of a personalized redesign of your kitchen or living room.

I love how Apple equals creativity, armchair or otherwise. "Just Design It" might've been a workable tagline in another world when Nike didn't exist. Apple's ecosystem of more flexible and lower-power devices (lower power relative to iMacs and Pros) enables those who might never design to think of themselves differently. 

Now you can design your living space, thanks to a tablet and a host of related apps, from Houzz (pictured), to Pinterest to Wiki-how. They even flog iCloud as a way to backup all those projects.


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