Outbounding.org delivers an ultra-premium mix of travel content and community

In college, I co-founded a travel journal called "From Abroad" which served as a platform for students to report on their overseas study abroad experiences. Travel and writing are a great mix, and unfortunately the web has both opened the content firehose, and made it difficult to find top-notch travel writing.

Outbounding.org is a publishing community for sharing and curating ultra-premium travel content. It’s where travel freaks and writers share and discuss highly considered posts and notes on all things having to do with travel.

It was founded by a group of travel writers and/or marketers, and today has a small number of registered members in the community, who serve as content sleuths and editors, and reaches a larger, wider audience.

By bringing together travel content and community, Outbounding.org makes usage a daily habit, even for most people who likely travel no more than a few times a year. By bringing travel into the daily lives of its members, the community satisfies an unmet desire to immerse oneself in exploration, discovery and sharing, even while sitting at home.

The thrill of travel comes from the possibility of discovery and connection around something new to you, and sharing that with others. That's why we wanted to launch our travel journal in college; so many students came back from a year abroad, and needed an outlet for sharing and building on their experiences.

Outbounding.org extends the usage habit through a system of triggers and rewards, in a way that's typical of communities. For example, it triggers usage with emails that push out the best content of the day, and rewards the best and most read posts with labels and trending status. Users who post most often and whose posts do well are rewarded with social currency.

And don't forget the richness of the content itself. The site's mission is entirely to cut through the clutter of commercialized travel content, and curate the best. Triggers and rewards alone won't cut it, but a combination of content and community may have staying power.


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