Eric Schmidt's bad attitude gets Times Square airing

Consumer Watchdog's has taken its online privacy campaign to New York's Times Square, where it has purchased a 540 sq. ft. Jumbotron digital advertisement promoting an animated video satirizing Google CEO Eric Schmidt's attitude toward consumer privacy.

"We're satirizing Schmidt in the most highly trafficked public square in the nation to make the public aware of how out of touch Schmidt and Google are when it comes to our privacy rights," said Jamie Court, president of Consumer Watchdog, and author of The Progressive's Guide To Raising Hell (Chelsea Green, September 2010).

"America needs a 'Do Not Track Me' list and Google is Exhibit A in the case for it." Titled "Don't Be Evil?" the avatar-style animation features Schmidt driving an ice cream truck and secretly spying on children. The animated short was produced by the nonprofit consumer group to shine a spotlight on the need for Congress to enact a national "Do Not Track Me" list.

View the animated short here:

View the 15 sec. digital Jumbotron ad here:


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